No Safe Spaces w EGA centered name

No Safe Spaces is a series of true stories as experienced by a Marine who arrived in Vietnam when he was 18 and left when he was 20.


The first of the stories was published as an ebook on Amazon on Sept 25, 2018, and immediately rose to be the #1 New Release in the History category.

     Ambush at the Waterfall





Battle For Danang




The first in a series of true war stories by a 19 year old Marine in Vietnam. During Operation Mameluke Thrust, not long after the TET offensive, the 7th Marine Regiment of the 1st Marine Division went in search of the North Vietnamese Army forces in the jungle covered mountains where the enemy lived and prepared for their attacks. The Marines were hunting, and the NVA were ready for them. One of the several battles was an ambush at a waterfall where almost an entire Marine platoon was lost.


The second story in the "No Save Spaces" series.  In June 1967 two rifle companies and the headquarters element of the 1st Battalion 7th Marine Regiment was conducting a sweep through the mountains where the North Vietnamese Army had their base camps.  The Marines spent an entire day climbing through dense jungle to the top of Hill 1062.  That night they were attacked and overrun by North Vietnamese sappers who breached the perimeter, throwing satchel charges and grenades and firing their AK 47's.  The most frightening word a Marine infantryman can here is, "Overrun."

The third story in the "No Save Spaces" series.  Durng the TET offensive of 1968, thousands of North Vietnamese  and Viet Cong troops moved to attack Danang.  The 7th Marines were positioned on small combat bases surrounding the approached to Danang.

The enemy failed to take Danang because small groups of Marines, sometimes outnumbered 15 to 1, stood in their way.