Questions that I am often asked:


I see that your books are available through Amazon Kindle.  I Don't have a kindle.  Can I read your ebooks.

Yes, you can.  Kindle provides a free app for Windows, PC, and Apple products. You can purchase an ebook either through the app, or by going to  The good thing about using the Kindle app is that you can access the ebook from several different devices, your home computer, Ipad, Iphone or Android phone.



Are the Vietnam stories really true?  

Absolutely.  In one case so far, I have changed a name at the request of the Marine involved.  Although the stories are written from memories that are 50 years old, I have researched the actions and engagements from official records of the Marine Corps and other supporting documents.  I also kept a journal for some of the time that I was in Vietnam, although I could not take it into the bush.

Two people involved in the same fire fight or other traumatic event, might descibe that event differently even an hour afterward, much less 50 years.  Each of us would have seen these actions from our own perspectives and positions, with tunnel vision focus and adrenaline pumping.

Why did you decide to write the stories about Vietnam?  

There are three reasons that I am writing about Vietnam.

The first is to preserve these stories for history.  Someone will tell the Vietnam story.  I want it to be an accurate version, true to historical fact.  When people think of Vietnam, or speak of Vietnam, they almost always comment on the political aspects.  Many want to put their political spin on that war or serve a personal agenda.

For me, the stories are about the young Americans who fought there, which brings me to the second reason, honoring the men about whom I wrote.  The men who fought the war, the men described in these stories, returned to pick up their lives where they left off.  They became the postmen, police officers, fire fighters, telephone linemen, delivery drivers, and filled a host of other roles in our community.  They married and raised families.  Some rarely, if ever, spoke of the war they fought.  In many cases even their wives and children do not know what these men have done.

The third reason is reflected in the title of the series of stories, "No Safe Spaces."  The current generation of young Americans has no idea about the sacrifices made by the young Americans of earlier generations.  The fact that many feel "triggered" and emotionally upset to the point of being unable to function should speed a few weeks with a Marine Corps drill instructor.   Hiding in a corner to avoid unpleasant situations is not the kind of action that is consistent with overcoming challenges, achieving goals, and being successful in life.