Sailing the Gulf Stream

About the Author

Tony Johnson is a retired Judge, former Naval Intelligence Officer, Secret Service Agent, and US Marine.  He lives in the small beach town of Treasure Island Florida, flies World War II airplanes and cruises about his sailboat “Magic Dragon”

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Non-Fiction Adventure

Johnson writes about his experiences as a 19 year old Marine in Vietnam, a police officer and Detective in Washington D.C., A Special Agent of the US Secret Service, his 27 years as a Naval Intelligence officer as well as his career as a prosecutor and judge.


Historical Stories

History is a special topic of interest, especially military and naval history.  He writes compelling stories of privateers, smugglers and other adventures from the days of sail.

Books are Here!

“No Safe Spaces” is a collection of a dozen stories from Vietnam, including the Amazon #1 Bestseller “Ambush at the Waterfall” and the #2 Bestseller “Overrun”.  The book is available on Amazon as of January 14, 2019.

Upcoming books will include tales of undercover work with a motorcycle gang and as a Secret Service agent investigating counterfeiting.

Smugglers and privateers in 18th century New England and the Caribbean will be explored in another set of books.